Friday, November 21, 2008

The road trip thats failed

The big plan was to head over to Sparwood for our weekend (Wednesday/Thursday) see my sister and her beau and then drive back to Banff to go back to work.

We set out about 5pm on Tuesday evening. It was pretty dark by this stage and as we left the outskirts of banff we ended up in some pretty horrible weather. I felt like we were in a Time Warp because of how the rain was coming straight for us.

I dont really know what happened but neither of us took a map so we just guessed the road to take, it turned out to be the wrong road so we were headed about an hour west of where we wanted to be.

The overall trip was pretty uneventful until about 7:30pm when we arrived in High River Brendan and I desperately wanted food and were excited to spot KFC. There is no KFC in Banff and Brendan always whinges because it is his favourite food. We pulled in grabbed out food then left, or tried to leave. The car started fine but whatever the squealing noise was that had been on and off for the last few weeks decided to hit us up in this little hick town in the middle of nowhere!!! So smoke was pouring out from under the bonnet basically the AC compressor had seized up and the belt wasn't turning. Some random walked over and told us that the power steering was seized but he also said he wasnt a mechanic.

We walked over to a local motor Inn and was about to check in for a ridiculous $70 plus tax when Sandra phoned and said if we were close enough she might tow us. Turned out we were about 2.5 hours away because of going down the wrong road. The chick at the motel was annoying anyway.

We then ended up walking down to the 711 to see what tools we could buy and I talked Brendan into buying some WD40 to spray on the belt. When we asked for a phone book a crazy lady helped us out and told us a good motel. So we started to walk in the direction of the motel and she stops in the middle of the road and asks us if we want a lift. So I'm like sure why not. As i go to step in I see this HUGE fucking white dog snarling and yanking at its chain in the back seat. The lady goes "oh dont worry I just have my pitbull in the back its ok she likes girls"
As Brendan says "sure likes to eat girls" as for a pitbull it was about 3 times the size of a pitbull and this woman is beating it back as it strains at its leash gnashing its teeth trying to devour me. Brendan said I could sit in the front and he would sit in the back with the dog but I was like fuck that!! and decided to walk.

We didnt end up going to the hotel in the end we just sprayed the WD40 on the belt and it was fine so we decided to drive home. On the way home we took a "shortcut" which was really a horrible dirt road in the middle of nowhere. No cars no lights... Then Brendan had to pull over to spray WD40 (a TRUE bushmans survival kit!!) on the fan and it was so creepy I had to get out of the car I was worried I would see him get attacked and then I would be stuck in the pedestrian seat. I felt like I was in a horror movie!!

Anyway we got out of the shortcut and onto the main highway where we fuelled up in a BLIZZARD!! then back home only to realise we were homeless because we got kicked out of our apartment due to deep cleaning. So Brendan and I drove up to one of the hotels and talked the night audit (it was now 1am by the way) into giving us a free room.

So yea thats my tale of the failed roadtrip :/

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am very excited! It snowed all last night and all today, the ground is covered in inches of beautiful powder. I spent most of today looking at the three ski hills in the area. I will buy my ski pass on Friday (heavily discounted thanks to BLC!!) Then by Wednesday next week Brendan and I may very well be on the slopes!!!

Oh I almost slipped over about 10 times on my way to work haha

Let is now let it snow let it snoooow

Friday, November 14, 2008

Its not about the money really!

Brendan and my original plan was to stick winter out in Banff, take advantage of the benefits offered by whatever company I work for. Then when the last of the skiable snow melts drive off east into the sunset.

Of course Canada in the east is a bit less giving then the tourist towns of the west. Jobs are harder to find, the pay is a lot less and they don't include HALF the benefits we get on this side. So when the opportunity came up in Canmore (about a half hour drive from Banff) for a desktop support speclist starting at $52K I snapped at the chance. It wasn't like I was desperate but weighing the odds of working for $9 an hour at a job I hate to doing something I love and am good at well the choice is easy. Niagra falls isn't going anywhere quickly!

Imagine my surprise I actually got shortlisted! My interview was on Wednesday and whilst I choked on a few questions I think overall I did ok. I know once they ring my referances they would have no reason NOT to hire my awesome self. Apparently the job has been vacant since June!!

My ultimate dream was to find the perfect IT job in North America then they decide to open a new branch in Australia and ask me to relocate and manage it. Preferably Darwin :D

Anyway I find out on Friday 21st. Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Elom, a random tale

Well my life is random,

I booked this room for this lady who was super nice on the phone she was from Alabama but had married a Canadian and now lived in Kamloops, BC. So I guess because she was so nice I booked her into one of the nicer rooms with a hefty discount. She was adamant that we should meet and I thought why not, the more connections I make the better!

So I saw her last night and she had brought her brother with her he was from Alabama as well the previous state senator to be exact a Mr William H. Drinkard. Not only that but he is a Sience Fiction fantasy author and brought me a copy of his book "Elom" He signed it with this

To Amanda,
The Book is about strong females if you are strong and you seem to be, the book is about you! Hope you like it
William H. Drinkard

I have just started reading it so I can't make an assesment on how good it is at the moment. On the bright side however I have now got a place to stay in Alabama and Kamloops. I'm not sure where in Alabama but does it matter!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween is my new favourite holiday!

Well I am making some kind of good progress at my job. I have met some strange people. This one lady who I was booking rooms for sent me a picture of her and Joan Jett. (yes I had to wiki it to) apparently she is friends with her manager. Her music is old but good!

Halloween was an awesome night. It was my first real halloween since growing up in Australia nobody really celebrates it. When we were kids living in Melbourne mum used to hold wicked halloween parties. Of course Halloween has changed a lot because back then it was about being as scary as possible now its about being as obscure or sexy as possible. So I talked this guy Sam from NSW into coming out with me. The only reason I knew him was because two or three months earlier I had booked his dad into a room and his dad told me his son was coming to Banff to work and I said send me an email and I will see what I can do. So Sam had just got in from a 54 hour busride and I dragged him out because...well its Halloween ffs!!

My costume was Commander Keen and for those of you who know who that is. Yay. For those of you who dont well its a really old video game back in the days of DOS and Windows 3.1. About two people recognised who I was and demanded photos. My helmet was made from paper mache and was way to big for my head so I was dancing all night and it kept slipping down.

But I had an awesome time overall halloween is so much fun. Everyone is really friendly and open there are so many amazing costumes. People over here really get into it. I cant wait for next year!

Other then that my life in Canada has come to a real standstill. Ski season is just around the corner and it is to cold and wet to do much else. Although there has been barely any snow around here. I'm excited to start learning how to snowboard and maybe even ski eventually. I predict my days off to be spent on the slopes, until I break my legs or something.
Here are some photos of Halloween night!