Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31st summer and snowing!!

Isn't this supposed to be summer. I'm not even ready for winter :o I don't even have mittens!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Elli has left me! My favourite english wench to harass is now on her way to Seattle then San Fran then back home to the UK. It makes me sad because we did have a pretty good friendship whilst she was here but I guess thats what comes from living in a seasonal town!. Anyway I have her details so whenever I am in Liverpool I can look her up! I am going to miss making fun of her posh accent and her crazy laugh.

We went out to celebrate? her departure. Funny story is that day emails had been sent out with pictures of a dodgy character from the Fox Hotel (one of the hotels owned by my company) he ordered a pizza pretended to be a guest gave a fake credit card number and used the hotel facilities. Anyway turned out he had just started working Night Audit at another one of our hotels (which happened to be Ellis) but after the first shift didn't show up. Then proceeded to call 6pm the next day to say he had been mugged. So while we were walking to town out of luck we ran into him walking the other way. Elli & Valeska just started to crack up and ran around the corner and I shouted out at the top of my voice "saw your picture mate!!"

The club was 'ladies night' so Brendan wasn't allowed in until 11pm. Thats ok because we stood outside talking to the bouncer who happened to be from Darwin of all places. You may remember him from....Ducks Nuts? Tall Greek looking guy with curly wog hair. I forget his name.. It was $2.75 Sour Puss all night which tasted like raspberry sour gummi worms. mmmm. I picked up a few men wearing togas as well!

Re: the title. Every single time I say arrow over the phone at work people ask me to spell it. I wonder if the aussie accent makes it sound really strange to Canadians? We have a hotel called The Arrow as well so I say it alot.

Speaking of work a lady asked for me specially tonight I had helped her out with a room the week before. Anyway she was so rapt in the room she wanted to book again for Saturday night and wanted to speak with me personally because of how awesome I was. The result? I now have a place to crash in Ontario and she wrote an email to my supervisor about how awesome and helpful I was. So she pretty much made my night. Who says you can't meet great people over the phone! (me actually...)

Brendan's dragon boat team came 3rd in the B division which is pretty good for a bunch of amateurs

Friday, August 22, 2008

my legs hurt

So the internet stealing frenzy is over which means I've been offline for the last three days and if you know me then you know that I was probably a little bit crazy.

I have some access right now at work but I am unable to reach the nessacities (such as facebook) except by hacking the web filter and last time I did that the department got in trouble so I'm a bit hesitant.

Basically this means I have to pay for internet. When this is going to happen I dont know so expect minimal contact with me.

I climbed Mt Rundle on Wednesday, overall it was a 9 hour round trip. The highest peak is 9,000 ft or so we didnt quite make it because weather pushed us back. The last two hours were spent climbing up a steep slate. There was a HUGE drop 1 metre either side and it began to rain. Oh not to mention that it was slippery. We couldnt see in front or behind us because of fog so in the end we had to give up on the trek. Still we got further then most people dream of. Going down was scary because the rocks were slippery and the angle was steep. Thank god I had awesome hiking boots.

Anyway so my legs hate me now because the muscles were not ready for hiking AT ALL. Yesterday there was a free concert in Banff but the weather was miserable. Still I hobbled out to see K-OS and Theory of a Deadman both Canadian bands and not to bad. Maybe not something I'd pay for but was worth checking out for free.

Brendan has his first Dragon Boat race tomorrow I expect all of you to be wishing him good luck!

Anyway till next time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Banfflife this week

Our work summer BBQ was on the other day, quite a small turnout considering how many people work for the company. But that meant more food and alcohol for me. For somebody who shouldn't be drinking I'm drinking alot lately. Every time I go to pass something happens and I feel like a drink. Wouldn't it be funny it Banff turned me into an alcoholic.

So I drank a bit and played frisbee with Brendan, Sandra, Joe and the computer geeks Dave, Vince, Mike. I think Sandra found it hilarious that I managed to find geeks on the other side of the world to talk to. After frisbee we were going to hike a mountain to see a meteor shower but iphone told us the best time was 4am the morning passed, so we passed on that and went out.

I went home about midnight but Brendan carried on till about 4am. He had the sense to give me all his money and ATM card so at least he was on the water for the rest of the night! The main issue here was that Joe had driven the car home after the BBQ and then locked the key inside because I told him that we had another set. The other set happened to be in my bag which was lying in the back car of the Jeep.

So Wednesday we are all set for a hike only to realise that we couldn't get in the car. Brendan couldn't pick the lock but he managed to get the side window open and reached down and grabbed my bag off the seat and pulled out the keys! All this in broad daylight people were staring at us and nobody called the cops!

Wednesday we climbed another mountain. It was a bit boring to me but one less mountain on my list of things to do! I can't wait for Mt Rundle!!

Brendan also joined the Dragon Boat team with our work and has been practising on Minnewanka lake for the last couple of weeks. The race is on Saturday & Sunday the 22nd/23rd so I'm going to head up and watch him on the Sunday and cheer for the team. Its vs all the other hotels and stuff in the area but I hear some of the teams hire professionals just to win.

I took on another job, right now im doing 10 hours a day 40 hours a week which gives me three days off so I took a giftshop job for one of my days off. I start next Tuesday. I'm here for a good time not a work time but the shop gives me 50% off all purchases and I need some customer interaction since the phones gets to you after a while.

Tonight my flatmate is making chicken fajitas w00t

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a pox on you

My workplace has an epidemic, called Chicken Pox.

I was first to find out when one of my roomates a Costa Rican girl who was a housekeeper at the original source of the virus was taken down with the pox. Of course our line of work is the hotel business so its not long before the entire workplace is affected.

I had chicken pox when I was around 12/13 all my sisters and I got it at the same time. I got two weeks off school. My sisters were covered in pox and I think in total I had 4 chicken pox. So they say if you got off lightly the first time there is a chance youll get it again. But there are no tell-tale dots on my body so I'm hoping that it just means I'm immune.

I have a 3 day work week this week. Tuesday is the work party with free bbq!!

Did I mention I saw a bear?

... Does anyone actually read this????

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today I lost my virginity

Well my bear sighting virginity that is!. Driving to the Garage sales this early Saturday morning I was gazing out the window and I saw a little black bear just ambling along the side of the road. I was shocked because I've been keeping my eyes out for bears for two months now and this is the first one I have actually seen. Poor Brendan was driving so he missed out so we turned around quicksmart to see if we could find it, but it was gone.

On Thursday we did a road trip down to Calgary, mainly to see The Dark Knight. We went to the mall in the town centre first only to be repulsed by the eight dollars an hour parking charge. So we turned around and went to the Chinook Mall which is supposed to be Calgarys biggest shopping mall. I finally saw the Dark Knight in all its IMAX glory.. it was a great movie. Heath Ledger was so good in it. I thought there was a bit to much story and not enough action though!

I also got some shopping down and managed to replace the shorts that I wrecked sliding down Mt Norquay on my butt. Been a slow week here. Going to a BBQ tonight for Max's going away he heads back home to england.