Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Muskoka so far....

I have been in Muskoka, Ontario for a little over a month now working in Minett at Clevelands house. I work as a bartender which is actually quite fun but the bar I work for is a little slow right now, shitty weather and economy issues not helping. Still I might just try and bartend when I move on back west for the winter!

I'm not going to lie the whole adventure has been a little trying for me. The resort is primarily a college resort with the average age group 19/20. There is so much drugs, sex & alcohol my mind is a little bent from it all. Perhaps if I had known I would have steered clear but I'm a fighter and determined to make the most of my summer.

The people here are nice enough I am yet to find someone I dislike I just don't relate well to the college crowd and therefore tend to keep my distance. Still I party with the best of them (occasionally) and have managed to find a few I would consider life-long friends. Summer is on the verge of ending and what do I have to show for it but a few drunken nights. I haven't even gone swimming in the lake yet!

Maybe what's sadder is this is my first entry since being here. Heh... well the sun is out today.