Saturday, July 12, 2008

Howdy Cowgirl

Here is a quick post just to tide you/ me over. I just finished cleaning my room up and I found my house key which is great because I had been leaving the door unlocked. Anyway so my favourite work friend is leaving back to Liverpool today she failed a uni course and has to head back to do some extra credit. I am very sad about this :(

But last SAturday Sandra, Brendan and I went to the CALGARY STAMPEDE apparently the biggest event in calgarys year. It was good there was lot of good looking cowboys around and I got myself a cool hat photos of the stampede can be found here

I was a little disappointed though I was expecting a full cowboy like event and all i got was something that resembled the Darwin show. Funny because during the Darwin show I usually end up ditching town and abusing the public holiday for camping! We spent the whole day looking at all the free stuff. We watched some shows I saw some mini horse chuckwagon racing also some cattle penning. I got my cowboy fix kinda. I also saw a real life mounty sans horse :(

It was a long day we left town at 8am and didn't get home till 10:30pm. It was interesting though because at the start we were all so excited and loving everything but as it got nearer to 7pm we were crashing quickly. We saw this comedian juggler "Chris Issak" and holy crap he was annoying and bad!!

Highlights would have to be Terry Stokes the hypnotist. I had tears in my eyes. Also the breakdancing crew from the bronx were awesome.

I had a full day yesterday but I have to go to work soon, I may update later


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