Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in a nutshell. What a fricken AWESOME year. How is 2011 to top it?

Snowboarded my first Double Black

Drove the West coast of America

Stuck my head in a giant LEGAL garbage bag of weed

Hit my first ever three day festival Coachella in Los Angeles

Sandboarded outside of an oasis

Flew in my first single engine plane

Hiked 50km to Maachu Piichu

Mountain Biked (yes me on a bike) the most dangerous road in the world, Bolivia

Swam with sea lions in the Galapogas

Held a Caiman, Caught a Pirahna, Went swimming, in the Amazon

Drove my Jeep in Mexico where I camped on a beach and drank lots of margeritas.

Drove to Colorado from Mexico partying it up with tons of wicked people along the way.

Came home to my friends and family.

Started hosting and suddenly my house was filled with some of the most amazing people in the world that it makes me smile thinking of all the awesome times we had.

Crazy Camping trips, Snake catching, Nights out Dancing & Drinking, Outdoor Raving.

Thanks to everyone I met in 2010. You guys made this year for me :) Happy new year!!!


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