Sunday, November 20, 2011

And the award for most awesome host ever goes to...

Its 6:30am Sunday morning. I wake up in my car in the middle of the city. My right arm is swollen and there is a huge purple bruise on my knee. There are vague recollections of the night before, im sure there were two english boys at one point?

I am currently hosting two english guys with one of the more interesting travel stories I have come across. They are riding their bikes from London to... not sure where for charity and have just reached Australia after 18 months on the road through europe, russia, iraq, asia etc. You can check out some of their stories on their website

Anyway I took them out for a night on the town which was meant to be relatively quiet but turned into a drunken mess. I could blame them but reality is I was the one who started the Jaeger bombs..

It all began with my credit card being chewed up and should have been an indication of my night out as I had entered the pin code wrong 3 times. And here I was only two beers in. We had a hard time getting into one club so turned around and went on to throb

So Throb is a blur but I did manage to fall over the seats not once but twice (not sure how I didnt get kicked out) and bruised my knee, my pride and my right arm quite badly. About 3am I was so drunk I said to Henry that I was going to sleep in my car and to wake me up when he wanted to go (though in my state I would not have been driving) but I woke up at 6:30am in pain and no surfers in sight. I drove sketchily home and kept calling Henrys phone, he finally answered and after asking him where he was he mentioned he was in a bush on Smith street. He had attempted to start walking back to my house and made it one street down and passed out in the bush.

Hah so my mum went back in and picked him up but the other surfer Jamie was nowhere to be found. All day he was missing than about 5pm Sunday he rocks up. Second day in Darwin and he picks up a girl in a gay bar.

overall probably not the best of hosting by me, losing not one but two surfers in the city on their second night in Aus. Luckily for me however they are both very cool guys and had a good night all round. So no negative hosting reference for me, I hope.

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