Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ok yes I'm jealous...

I miss my life in Canada why the hell do we have to grow up? Its not Canada so much I miss but the fact that I didn't have anything holding me back from giving up everything and just moving on. Oh bored with this town ok lets move on to a new one.

I have all these couchsurfers walking through my doors having amazing adventures in Australia and here I am working 8-5 every day sometimes even longer.. for what?

I live in Darwin I can't afford to live in Darwin this city is to expensive. Especially when your single I pride myself on independance but I may almost have to get into a relationship just so I can survive.

I want to quit my job and sail off into the sunset right now.

I think its in the works. Soon as I finish my university I'm off to travel europe for six months than resettle somewhere else in Australia. Letting go of Darwin might be difficult for me but I can't afford to live in this town.

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