Monday, March 18, 2013

I got an abusive email

Well sadly I can't post the email here since its private & will end up with me being kicked out of CS although I kind of want to be kicked out of CS lately.

I can however write my reply.

Dear Angry Guest,

Perhaps you should report me since it is in your opinion that I have behaved very non ambassador-like.

If you do recall I did talk to you face to face about leaving two days early every extra cost incurred with your tour was your own choice not of my doing. If you were happy to stay in a hostel I don't understand why you spent the money to change the tour. You argued and attempted to manipulate me into letting you stay even asking "How many surfers?" you then went to my mother and mentioned it to her despite my decision already been made. As a surfer that kind of behavior is inexcusable and I suggest you actually take critical advice because it sounds from several people who have since contacted me that my reference to you is perfectly justified. They were just scared of retaliation but I hope now with my reference there more people are not afraid to speak up. Or perhaps you learn that something you are doing is not right. Attempting to bully me will not fly I stand by my decision and your very hateful email just inspires me more. I wish I had believed your negative it seems you are the one unable to take criticism not me.

I think you fail to realise that your reference speaks more about you than it does about me So I don't mind if you leave it there, I don't mind the abusive emails. I know I am right. There is a reason my references are glowing and not just two lines of generics.

Take a deep look inside and look at how you approach couchsurfing.


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