Thursday, October 24, 2013

dreaming of the ocean

I’m a technician both in career and life, I look at my work in a factual step by step logical way to resolve issues complex or not. And I look at life the same way. I analyse, I pick apart, I find the truth between the lines and I approach with a level head.

When I dive, when I slip the regulator into my mouth and lower my head below water I am transported to a place where logic and reason stop. I slow down and breathe at a regular pace. A parrot fish taunts me with its vivid colours as it flits about the ocean floor, a star fish lays silently and motionless, not motionless just not moving at the pace the naked eye can see. A small reef shark pops out from rocks it was hiding its grey flawless body glides beneath my fins oblivious to my motionless perfectly buoyant body. A different world is beneath, beside, above me and I am a just an observer. 

Some of my best thoughts come to me 30 metres deep below the surface. Life above the ocean is busy. When all the chaos is removed your mind becomes empty you can stop and think. Logic and reason floats away with the seaweed and I immerse myself into the new reality. I love to dive there is not many things in this world which bring me as much peace and pleasure as diving. Its hard to explain sometimes to people who have never experienced it just how life changing it is. Under the water is when I am at my most spiritual. You can’t help but question when your world is not your own.

Who could have predicted how life changing that trip to Vietnam would turn out to be. And now a week from Today I will be once again heading for the ocean. Travelling with my good friend Diane we are off to Coron, Palawan, Philippines for a week. I can’t wait.

All I can think about is and I quote myself from an entry I wrote one year agoBeing underwater actually gives an immense sense of freedom that cannot be found above the surface.”

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Scott said...

This is so true Amanda. I'm on a diving trip as I read this in Roatan, Honduras. Your words put into prefect perspective what I feel when I'm out of my world.