Friday, November 14, 2008

Its not about the money really!

Brendan and my original plan was to stick winter out in Banff, take advantage of the benefits offered by whatever company I work for. Then when the last of the skiable snow melts drive off east into the sunset.

Of course Canada in the east is a bit less giving then the tourist towns of the west. Jobs are harder to find, the pay is a lot less and they don't include HALF the benefits we get on this side. So when the opportunity came up in Canmore (about a half hour drive from Banff) for a desktop support speclist starting at $52K I snapped at the chance. It wasn't like I was desperate but weighing the odds of working for $9 an hour at a job I hate to doing something I love and am good at well the choice is easy. Niagra falls isn't going anywhere quickly!

Imagine my surprise I actually got shortlisted! My interview was on Wednesday and whilst I choked on a few questions I think overall I did ok. I know once they ring my referances they would have no reason NOT to hire my awesome self. Apparently the job has been vacant since June!!

My ultimate dream was to find the perfect IT job in North America then they decide to open a new branch in Australia and ask me to relocate and manage it. Preferably Darwin :D

Anyway I find out on Friday 21st. Fingers crossed!!!

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Adrian said...

Best of luck with it! I too dream of working a well paying job in Canada.