Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Job

So I forgot to say but I didn't get that job.

I was a little upset because they didn't even ring my referances, I think I bombed a bit on the interview so they just assumed I couldn't do it.

Fact is while I am upset that I was deemed not good enough I'm kind of glad I didn't get it in the end. I really want to leave Canada and this job was going to tie me down in Canmore. They have TWO WEEKS annual leave... seriously how do people survive on that little leave. I want to do a road trip in summer to see the east coast. About all the job had going for it was the money oh and that I like working with computers.

I really like the people I am working with now and the flexibility. I like that I'm not here to work I'm here to enjoy canada. But deep down inside I'm an aussie and I always will be. One day I need to go home.


lani said...

OMG two weeks! I could not live with out my six weeks annual leave! <3 aussie

Raiya said...

Over in Sweden they get 3 months. In the U.S its a Week... if your lucky, which is unpaid by the way. Oh yeah plus no sick leave, you need insurance for that.

Lawl. I think I'll stick with my 7 weeks a year and call it even :D

SperO said...

how do you get seven Is that including sick? I was working government and only got six