Friday, December 19, 2008


Spent today snowboarding. We scored three free lessons through work so off again tomorrow and then Saturday. Waaaay to fucking cold though wind chill of -34 or something. I have pretty bad wind burn on my lower ears and tomorrow is going to be pretty cold to. My feet ended up frozen solid we pretty much went inside after every run to defrost. I tell you it is so painful when the feeling comes back into your toes. I was seriously going to pass out in pain!!!!

Question, I got my lessons for free and its just Brendan and I with TWO instructors.. what do I tip them? One of them is tag along training but he has been snowboarding in Switzerland for five years teaching so he has been helping me a lot. He has just never taught in Canada before. The lessons would have been about $540 before tax (whatever tax is) so im just curious what my American buddies think a good tip is. We were thinking along the lines of $40 each in a christmas card!!! I know how cute.

On a bright side I actually got off the chairlift without falling over and only on my third try to!!!! I think we are going on the faster chairlifts tomorrow though at Lake Louise...


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