Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alaska Road Trip - Day 2 Salmon & Sleigh Rides

Day 2

We decided to sleep in a little since we were sticking around another day and crawled out of bed around 9am. I had left everything in the car and it had frozen overnight so all my bananas, lettuce, tomato was completely useless! My pancake ingrediants however were not! (except perhaps the vanilla essence which was also frozen) I made the mix borrowing some of our hosts ingrediants and Brendan cooked the pancakes! We had fresh bananas and some of Cynthias own summer raspberries! Delicious. After breakfast we headed out to Fort St John where our hosts had invited us to a big sleigh cutter rally! Lots of old men in homemade sleighs pulled by big draft horses. Unfourtunately we arrived an hour late and had missed everyone. Fortunately we tried an intercept and caught them further up! So we jumped in a sleigh nd enjoyed the ride. I was not dressed for the weather around -20 and we both slowly froze. It definitely put a damper on the whole thing but I think the hardy Canadians felt sorry for us and they were so nice offering us heaters, blankets, hot coffee & tea. The ride was amazing and the views gorgeous! It took around three hours all up. After the ride we went inside for some home made chili and hot chocolate. We got home about 4pm and Brendan and I went around on Cynthia & Randys quad/atv for a little bit but we were both still really cold so we decided to take a dip in the outdoor hot tub. Heaven! Randy cooked us salmon for dinner and then I fixed Cynthias computer (installed PDF reader) Around 10pm we went to bed to get ready for the next day!

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