Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Melissa & Jason arrive

I know I have to put Alaska up but its been really busy with my sister MELISSA getting here and all!.

We picked her up from the airport late on Friday and we were all in bed by midnight. I had a really bad sleep however, I think everyone did except melissa. I cooked them pancakes for breakfast (yum) and then we did a little bit of local sightseeing. It was a warm day of +9C and the sun was out. Yay! Melissa was excited to do snow angels but the snow was really icy and dirty so I think she just ended up making a fool of herself heh.

Anyway Lo & Behold overnight on Saturday we ended up with 7cm of unexpected snow! It was still falling when they woke up so they got to see how beautiful Banff is under a snowfall considering how dirty everything was the day before! We were supposed to go sightseeing but the weather was white so instead we grabbed a couple of sleds and went sledding on a local hill. It was lots of fun but exhausting half way through we made a snowman. The snow was just a wet layer on solid ice so the sledding was getting dangerous! The snowman just came together beautifully perfect snowman snow.

We went to check out Yoho park yesterday but a lot of the best attractions were closed off because of weather. We did go for a trek out on Lake Louise. Melissa fell over once. Last but not least we saw the Calgary Flames toast the Detroit Red Wings in a home game. It was pretty cool, my first ever hockey game! Not enough fights though :D

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