Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Pain... no gain

I need more hours in my day, more days in my week!

Got my first snowboard in last week, it was awesome. Great snow as usual on sunshine. Going home to Darwin is going to be hard. The day after I had managed to get a free dogsledding journey. It was really cool the dogs were gorgeous, I got to drive my own sled.. well with the help of a guide who was this nice young guy from Northern Ontario. On the way back I relaxed in the sled.

Yesterday I went back to Sunshine. My mate Chad from Ontario was in town (met him in the parking lot after underworld if you forgot) so he came up and another friend from Australia (we met each other on a gaming forum) was in town and he brought a friend of his James who was also from Australia. so everyone congregated at my house for an awesome pancake spread before heading off. Sunshine was great, it was a little white in the morning making it hard to see bumps and I went flying a few times but after beer o'clock we headed up to my favourite run Goats eye. A couple of Rev (vodka and guarana) later we went downhill. We did lose heather at one point but she showed up at around 430pm on the last gondola and we ended up getting home around 5pm. We went to the Keg for dinner, chad had to drive back to high river and i missed saying goodbye to him because I was looking for Heather. Keg was awesome, as usual. After the keg it was to the Paddock for pool and beers where I stayed talking to James till the early hours. I think I finally got to bed by 2am.

Today I woke up sore, bruised, tired but sucked it all up and got my gear together for a full day on lake louise. One of my first lake louise runs was a really vicious blue that was steep and full of moguls - I actually managed to navigate them a little but my overall technique involved sliding on my ass. I would also like to point out I didn't have one beer all day. We went on this green run and everyone pulled over to the trees to get stoned and have snow fights. I was pretty tired so I kind of just chilled, didnt smoke anything. When we got to the bottom I left everyone and headed back to the front of Lake Louise. It was snowing like crazy up top and my face was being battered by it.. I took the easy green route down but got lost because I couldn't see through the snow and ended up on a blue run. It was a nice run with occasional difficulty but I it helps me to do that kind of thing to get better at my boarding.

Right now though, lying in bed relaxing I can barely move. Still amazing couple of days with amazing people.

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