Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Eve, 2009

Its really hard to describe how amazing my new years was. And to think I was just about ready to pack it all in, I was working till 11pm and pissed off because I found out my ex (Brendan) was in a new relationship via facebook. You think after nearly four years you deserved to be told face to face. So yea I was bitter, didn't know what was going on. Figured I'd watch the fireworks and then have an early night.

So 11pm comes round I race home and drink in quick succession two Rev Vodkas and then get changed and walk to someones house where my friends and little sister were horribly drunk. We ended up climbing on the roof and watching the fireworks. After that we left the party and found some of my other mates and went to the Legion which was full of old people we danced there for like 2 hours. 2am comes round and everyone is like "Hippy House!" which I had no fucking idea what they were on about but followed anyway since I was now happily drunk and having a good time. The Hippy house turned out to be this crazy house full of people, drugs and music. The basement was decked out to be an underground rave a dj playing some awesome music.

Heather and I chilling in between dancing

Heather and I danced and talked till about 430am when we finally left. We ended up at Ciarans house and chilled out on the couch with him and Katie watching fire...going to bed around 630am

Ciaran and I passed out about 6am

Honestly it was a wicked night and it felt great, there was no dramas. It was like the good old days back when people just had fun instead of all the stress of life. Living in Banff is stress free.. life is to easy here.

Broke in the new year with two straight days of snowboarding after a nice 35cm snowfall in four days. Honestly these are some of the best days of my life!!

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