Friday, February 19, 2010

One point Five

Months that is!

Booked my tickets from LA to Lima, Peru a couple of days ago. Wow its really happening I am going to South America! Even if I just sit in the airport im going to fucking Peru! (and bolivia & ecuador)

Totally burnt myself out the last few days. Dropped by a mates after work on Tuesday to chat and ended up not going to sleep till about 5am and then waking up at 8am to get ready for snowboarding. Had a wicked day on the hill but was so exhausted by the end. So I get home for like an hour and then we are off to calgary to see Flying Lotus a californian dj kind of trippy music. Not totally my scene but was excited to get out and see someone and hang with some good people. I was pretty impressed with his live show though. He is playing at Coachella as well but I think I'll give it a miss since I've already seen him now and there are so many bands I would like to see!

Turned into a bit of a crazy night and we didnt go to sleep till about 5am, I was then up at 6am and needed to get out of there and go home. So I woke everyone up much to their disdain at 8am and drove the 1 hour back to Banff. I managed to sneak in about 2 hours of solid sleep before work. Seriously though I could have used another five hours. I was fading pretty badly at work and ended up in this kind of zone. But I guess I was in a good mood because I made a few customers happy. So I did my job alright.

I have a really bad habit of not sleeping enough and when I do get a chance to sleep I just end up going snowboarding! Ah well like I said 1.5 months left then SOUTH AMERICA!! Oh and then HOME in June. Wow ... back in Darwin for 3 WHOLE MONTHS!!!

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