Friday, April 9, 2010

Portland, Oregon

Life on the road again...

There was something really different about leaving Banff this time, the friendships I made seemed stronger, the place seemed a lot more like home. It really struck me how being single and out there opened up my eyes to a whole new world in Banff. I noticed that in my travels since the break-up life just seemed different and in a good way.

So we drove out from Banff about 8am and basically just went straight to Portland, Oregon. Our border crossing was smooth, I have it down pat. Someone told me when they are trained really well to spotting signs of distress, suspicious behaviour and whenever I cross the border im always super nervous. So this time I played it cool and just got pushed through the line. The only real issue was that I mentioned about giving my car to Bianca and the customs guy said it had to be imported then I said ok Ill get my mate to pick it up and he was like .. how can I trust you? Do you have an honest face? Maybe if he knew me...
Portland the city I didn’t really see much of since I was out snowboarding both days. The snowboarding was amazing though. Day 1 Thursday the 8th was over 10inches and snowing all day. I honestly would ski a fresh line and then it would fill in on my way back up so I could ski it again! I went to Mt Hood Meadows which was pretty quiet but visibility was poor and the wind really strong. Still I had an epic day and met a really cool guy from Hawaii who showed me around the mountain a little.
That night we went out for drinks to meet up with a bunch of csers. I was in bed early however, fighting the powder and anticipation of fighting more powder the next day weighed heavily on me.

So Friday I got up and picked up Mike who was from around the area, he was into computer animation and had just got back from a round the world trip. He took me to Timberline another ski resort right on top of Mt Hood. The lodge was heritage listed and had been used in the movie adaptation of the Shining. We had a great day but was quickly exhausted because of my day before and we went through the trees a little only to lose my balance in waist deep powder. Man that was a fucking workout. After boarding I had a nap then he took me out to Fire and Mountain for the best wings in Portland before we got drunk again and danced till 2am and I passed out on his couch.

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