Friday, November 5, 2010

Bluewater Fishing

I'm already sick of writing about this and that in great detail and I want to get this journal back on the track of my travels, which we all know I'm not traveling right now but I am couchsurfing, or hosting as it is which is another form of traveling I seem to have a constant stream of Europeans through the door.

Anyway we have a bunch of random nights & days with a bunch of colourful characters that I might as well write about that.

Glenn is actually a local host in Darwin and he contacted me last week to see if I wanted to join in on a fishing trip. Hell yea I thought I'm not a very good fisherman but I do enjoy hanging out on boats, drinking beer and pretending to fish. I had a small task of getting out of work Saturday but the show was canceled anyway, fate I guess.

The weekend started with Friday night driving out to his friends island just off Dundee Beach. It was about an hour and half on the boat and the drinks were flowing. We stopped to wait for his mate and they threw some lures in the water pulling up one little golden snapper. There was a beautiful sunset on our way there.

The island was awesome they used to run charters off it so it had little dorm rooms all set up. I was pretty drunk & stoned and passed out quite early around 11pm. I woke up two hours later and couldnt find the door to the room which was literally right next to my bed and stumbled around looking for the toilet.. Needless to say I found my torch and eventually escaped!

Day 2 was an early 6am start and a lot of fishing. I managed to catch some good fish including the biggest coral trout! I also caught the only dewey of the whole weekend. Of course at the end I really wanted to gut my trout and the boys let me, they tried to give me gloves but I was certain that I was going to do it like they did.. silly me because I cut all my hands up with all the spikes. And I did three fish to their 30...

That night I was drunk (surprise) and went to the toilet but got lost on the way out which is virtually impossible.. I ended up walking around barefooted on the island in the middle of the night and ended up on the airstrip about a km away...
Lucky I didn't step on any brown snakes or anything!!

Next day wasn't the greatest day for me but they all caught some huge snapper and we got in around 5pm for weighing. All in all it was a really good weekend. Glenn was super nice & patient with my lack of fishing skill. His friends were nice however I wasn't to sure what to talk about since I am an uber geek obsessed with traveling and snowboarding and they had never even left Darwin, were 10 years older then me and to be honest im not really sure what they did but I found I was lacking in conversation because anything I wanted to talk about, my interests and stuff sounded like bragging... yet I couldn't seem to get their interests out of them!! Glenn I didn't really get much one on one with so I will have to have a drink with him another time and actually talk about things I felt uncomfortable about talking about in front of his friends.. travel, couchsurfing etc.

Anyway just another day in the territory!

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