Sunday, December 18, 2011

I’m coming home

There is really nothing I like better than the return of one of my more awesome couch surfers and finally after a year Dominik returned. We had some interesting times the previous year which included a bunch of reckless events from me although I guess I wouldn't be me without almost killing a bunch of surfers in a late night 4WD adventure, I can see the newspaper headline now. "7 foreigners killed in single hilux rollover" Why there were 7 people in the Hilux remains for another day and story.

But there was also the insane camping trip (literally insane but some things aren't for public viewing). We ran out of water on the second day, jumped off cliffs, went trekking through the bush at night. All in the name of we were so fuct everything was awesome

Dominik explains it well

Anyway so he returned and I took him out for my work christmas party where we were so drunk, he doesn't remember a lot but a phone call to Ilona in germany resulted. There were a lot of shots, I kept picking up random guys at the bar one of which was a snake catcher, I almost started a bar fight in monsoons & abused several bouncers for making me pay money. Everyone came back to my house and we drank & smoked until the early hours.

Dominik commented how Darwin felt like coming home and that was worth a hug. My newly adopted european brother is home for christmas. Can you imagine a world where I missed out on meeting these amazing people?

My life is only better for knowing them.

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