Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its a high life

Smoking a J sitting on my balcony talking about past surfers to my present surfers. very. very. High :D

This story had us in fits on laughter for some reason. Cue Mr Tall. Mr Tall rocks up at my house with no money as he had lost his card in an ATM in asia. Between me and my family we lent him about $200 to get him through. All the money was repaid in full (that is kind of unrelated!).

After staying at our house for 10 days doing not much at all he decides to repay the hospitality by cooking us dinner. He makes us a tomato based pasta dish. It was pretty gross I think he just used tomoto paste & pasta. There wasn't any garlic. I asked him why he didn't use any garlic, his response was "too expensive" Garlic in Darwin is about $20 a kilo that means about $1 for one bulb... You stay at someones house for free for 10 days and $1 to buy garlic is too expensive?

Sometimes I just dont understand people like that!

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