Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Buttery Fly Effect

A Southern Monarch drifts lazily through the amazon rainforest, flaps its wings, once, twice then rests on a flower unaware of the chaos it quite possibly just caused. Meanwhile in the highest elevated Irish bar in the world two sisters sit at the bar ordering what is perhaps their fourth beer but who knows, they have been drinking for hours and the altitude has most likely gone to their heads.

A plate of nearly eaten nachos sits in front of them with one last chip piled high with guacamole & salsa and the older & better looking of the two reaches out for a stacked chip "oo I'm having this one" and that choice much like the butterfly flapping its wings sets in motion a sequence of events that no one could predict.

The sisters in general are of course Heather & I and we were sitting in La Paz, Bolivia in the Loki hostel. By grabbing the chip I was instantly accused of being selfish and a heated argument soon followed. As we had been travelling South America for some time in uncomfortable conditions we tended to argue over everything, who took the most jam (when it was unlimited anyway), who walked in front of who etc. As a result of this argument and a lot of beer I walked away from the bar leaving my sister alone nursing her half drunk beer.

I can't really say what happened next as I have only gotten second hand information but from what it sounds like a boy reached over to order a beer his australian accent filled the room and she asked him where he was from, then he invited her to sit with his friends, they went out, she got really drunk and I was woken in the early AM to her being carried back into the bedroom.

A year and a half later the two of them are now in an official relationship and the fact is they owe it all to me. If I hadn't been so selfish to take that last awesome nacho chip then they would probably never have met.

Basically the ultimate moral of the story is - If you want that nacho - Fucking take it.

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Philipp said...

Great, great, great words.
What I know so far, you haven't written libraries in your lifetime. Because of that, it sounds like ...talent :)
Keep it up and me up to date.
Greets from Munich.