Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what? 2012?

Its been uneventful in the couchsurfing world. Well, despite a few arguments on how MDST implements safety.

I'll get to that another time.

I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow where I will be seeing two amazing friends get married, wear a dress, and hopefully not have to much of a hangover. I am couchsurfing after the wedding after trying out the new OCR (open couch request feature) receiving an offer within hours! To be honest though its never been that hard for me to find a couch, with 150 glowing references and a large hosting reportiore people actually feel bad to say no to me hehe.

After my awesome night in Adelaide I found a ride to Melbourne with a couple of german girls so will check out the Great Ocean Road something I've never seen. Then onto another couchsurfing house where the next morning I will make the four hour trek to Rainbow serpent Festival setting down camp with collective group of 30+ surfers for four days of PSY, Dub, Jungle etc. I have this inner hippy which is only thwarted by my love of showers & addiction to technology.

Peace out all.

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