Thursday, December 6, 2012


So my partner in crime, my little sister Heather is currently spending a year in Asia with her boyfriend Sam. Of course you all know I was  the reason they got together. Annnyway she has started a travel blog now you can catch it here

So Heather came in joined me the end of 2009 for a winter in Canada. She lost my car on Australia day and then broke her wrist snowboarding in Panorama. You know I delt with my mother criticising me for not taking my sister to the hospital straight away but I reminded her how my lovely parents left me with a broken wrist for 24 hours after I ran into a wall at school. (I dont want to talk about it right now)

We drove down the west coast of USA with random adventures on the way getting stoned with an apple in Eureka California and being pulled over by police an ounce of weed in the glovebox in Silicon Valley. We made it to Coachella for an incredible three day music festival with some friends of mine I'd met in a parking lot in Toronto six months before

Then we flew to South America for six weeks of adventure.
She took weed through the bolivia/ecuador border, we went swimming in the amazon and she forced me to ride a bike down the death road in Bolivia. She got absolutely wasted the day before our flight over the nazca and had her head in a bag for most the small plane flight. We got pushed into a locals car in Peru for a back road adventure where there always seemed to be 10 people in a tiny car and couldn't speak a word of spanish. We fought over who took the most jam when there was unlimited jam. but we fought over everything in those six weeks.

We drove through Nevada, a stop at las vegas which involved picking up two very young boys from ohio and then onto Mexico for a crazy communion of 200+ couchsurfers where we partied for three days. After mexico it was onto Arizona for two days that stretched into a week of waterslides, beer, river tubing (one of my favourite sports ever) and onto Colorado where we finally flew back to Australia. We smoked so much weed and had Jason Mraz on repeat in the car.

So its kind of weird now to think my little sister will be away for a year and then she goes to live in Sydney with her boyfriend. But thats life I guess and I'm excited to hear about all her adventures every day. Sure im jealous I would love to be spending a year in Asia but im happy for her. I'm sure we still have some mad adventures to come ;)

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Heather Robertson said...

Awwww this is too sweet! A whole entry about us :)