Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time for Thailand

Well with my dismal effort of only one international trip last year (and im not entirely sure bali can be considered international) I am starting 2013 with a bang, its off to Thailand to celebrate Australia Day at Koh Phangan. And I am meeting up with my little sister and her boyfriend for the grand celebration. This is not only my first full moon party its my first time in Thailand.

I want to ride an elephant.

I am heading into this holiday somewhat subdued. I am excited to party in Thailand and I am super pumped to see my sister but I’m a little sad a certain someone won’t be able to join me. As the poster child for single travelling I never felt like this before on my journeys. When I was first ready to hit Thailand there were some insanely cheap flights for 528$ return direct to Koh Samiu but in the mere hour I spent contemplating the tickets sold out. I wanted to talk to my boyfriend about the journey.

When I went to Vietnam I didn’t hesitate I booked my tickets and went. It was only me but now suddenly I have someone else to think about. Someone else I want more than anything in the world to be coming to Thailand with me. Suddenly my usual excitement of heading into the unknown is dampened by the fact I have a double bed all to myself.

Not only that I need a plutonic partner in crime who is going to be there for me at 6am in the morning two valiums down, sitting on the beach contemplating the meaning of life remembering the wild moments from the night before? Someone with no ulterior motives just enjoying that which is the full moon. My sister normally but with Sam by her side maybe I’ll find myself lost and alone seeking companionship in all the wrong places.

But maybe I wont, maybe I will have the most incredible night of my life dancing hard on the beach, tripping out to soft trance and experiencing something I have never experienced before. Maybe I’ll have one of those moments that will forever remain in my collection of stories, I’ll meet that amazing person whose mind melds with mine who I patiently wait for the next moment we meet.

Who knows, anything is possible.


Heather Robertson said...

Elephant rides are over rated. But I assure you, it's going to be a wicked party with or without him. I've done it twice before as a single lady and had a fucking blast. Plus you and Sam are similar when it comes to partying, so I'm sure I'll be the one on my own haha

SperO said...

im going to leave the elephant for another time but diving and partying is a must. I'm hoping that you two are sick of each other by the time I get there :P