Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Until further notice I no longer reccomend Couchsurfing

A far cry from the newpaper article I published less than a year ago with glowing reccomendations of the website that changed my life, the website that brought me together with some of the most amazing people in the world. When I was given the ambassador flag I was proud to wear it now I hold on to it with a reluctant ferocity hoping for a better world I'm not really sure exists anymore.

The title of this blog will change to something more suitable after all it was a travel blog long before it ever became a glorifying couchsurfing fable.

But I will no longer suggest couchsurfing to the people because whatever it was is gone. I was fine with CS becoming a company, I didnt care if they used my pictures to make money but my final straw is being dealt with the destruction of the community I hold dear. Now all I see is ignorant members spamming my feed, people getting assaulted absolutely no control of this membership drive. The community is a mess and the owners are not listening. The people they should be listening to are being deleted as fast as they have an opinion that differs from the 'mission'

What's the mission to make the entire world a couchsurfer?That's ideal but do you think that kind of mission happens over night? You want to save a community built over time with love, care & devotion than you need to listen to the people who built that community. Deleting them from existance, blaming them for everything that's going wrong is not the answer. Listening to them having serious discussions about the best approach is.

Will I continue to host, yes I will because despite all my anguish I am still yet to have a negative experience but the sooner a better hospitality site comes on the market im out of here. Bewelcome is likely but I hate their website so I hope a redesign is coming. Maybe it will take years but I don't care because  I am a true couchsurfer at heart. But I feel dirty thinking of the word couchsurfer right now I just can't think of a better word to use.

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