Monday, July 8, 2013

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


I love that you value weirdness. I actually think it an important part of your personality. You’re weird. Meaning strange. Different. Unique. Not Normal. And this is the point. It’s not normal to open up your home to travellers, let alone at the relentless pace that you do so. You’ve hosted so many people at this point that I suspect you might take for granted how incredible it is. I don’t know, maybe you’ll think I’m blowing it out of proportion, but you’re effectively putting into practice some of my most cherished values. Empathy – you know what it’s like to travel and you know how it feels when a host welcomes you with open arms. Solidarity – this overlaps with empathy, but it’s also about how you go out of your way to help others, between how you found me on the last minute CS board to your lending your car for Litchfield and even your penchant to try to help truly desperate people in refugee detention centres. Trust – we live in a pretty cynical society and can’t help but feel cynical ourselves sometimes but there are heaps of good people out there and putting our trust or faith in the goodness and honesty of others is crucial for the perpetration or passing on more of these positive values. Its cyclistic, I reckon if that makes sense. Anyway long story short, I appreciate you and I feel inspired to perform a similar service in the future when I settle down, somewhere someday. When that time comes, I hope to see you at my door. Until then, keep being awesome J

-          Nick

  A couchsurfer left this message in my guest book. I only just read it last night and it made me all warm and fuzzy. I love to inspire people. The world needs more people like Nick to spread the message of love, trust, friendship and harmony. I keep thinking that the world is full of too many fucked up people but then I meet people like Nick and my faith is restored once again. And I'm happy I could be the same person to him.

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