Monday, July 8, 2013

Full Moon Party

When I told my 15 year old sister that I was excited about Bass in the grass she laughed in her teenager mocking ways “What that’s for kids” Its no secret that the all ages event brings hundreds of drunken teenagers to roll around in the grass, dress up in weird costumes and mosh to music they don’t understand. But for me its always about the music and I’m not going to let the scantily clad pre-teens ruin my chance to enjoy great music. I got there early with my friends to check out the first band of the day Kingswood. We rolled out a mat and chilled on the grass enjoying the tunes and mocking the children in front of us. After Kingswood played we headed outside for a picnic lunch in front of the car, complete with Leighs awesome wine choices. Yet as we sat around eating and relaxing two police officers came over to tell us to empty our wine. If I had realised the event made the area no public drinking I would have been a bit more secretive with our habits, as it was they allowed us to pour it back into the bottle and we then filled up our water bottles and drank the wine keeping a constant lookout for the cops. I guess I was getting into teenager spirit.

As much as I love festivals I’m a very relaxed festival goer. I never drink inside I cant be bothered wasting my time in lines for the toilets or for the alcohol. I don’t mosh I usually find a clear spot up the back of the festival and watch the bands from a distance. I did at one point move into the crowd to dance to Hermitude but the crowd was still small so it wasn’t like a sweat pit of arms and legs. In the crowd for Flume a girl decided I was her ladder and used me to brace herself as she climbed onto her mates shoulders.
Why not? I have no other purpose but to serve you.

After Flume I headed off for the long drive to Mandorah where I was meeting my friends for a little rave party. Celebration of the full moon and music. The drive was long and lonely but I had a good soundtrack to keep me occupied. You had to drive down a dirt track which had been flooded by recant rain. At one point I hit a mud patch the wrong way and the car slightly fishtailed as I tried to keep the speed so my car didn’t bog. It was not the best experience since I was in the middle of fucking nowhere. After that I was much safer, removing myself from the car just to check the puddles depth and ground consistency. I stuck to the edges as much as possible. When I reached the beach I was distracted by some cars so pulled up looking for my way only to get stuck.
I jumped out and switched on the 4wd but I was still stuck and the only way I could go was down a hill.
Where I also got stuck.

Frustrated and alone I was only a 10minute walk to my friends so I walked down the beach and enlisted the help of Matt, Anders & Danni. As it turned out my car wasn’t stuck I just had my wheels turned to much and I had to turn them more. While I’m driving I forgot to turn my lights on and drove straight into another pile of sand. Stuck again.

Danni left us at this point as I started to let the air out of the tyres, to find help or to leave the fruitless missioning to us and enjoy her night. Anders had begun to hallucinate and I was worried that I was going to be stuck there all night. It was only after we had completely flattened the tyres that it was realised I was never properly in 4WD in the first place. I had for some reason not locked one of the wheels properly!!! Such a stupid mistake! So we drove out of the sand to firm ground then raced off to find a pump to pump the tyres back up. Anders had left on some weird mission of his own – who knows. As we were walking back we went up the dunes to talk to some French people in a bogged van where we found anders who decided my bogged car was towing them out he just had to find a tow rope. Then we lost him again. I heard a noise and raced to the beach thinking Danni had saved us but it was just a quad so I turned back to my friends.

The second car we talked to had a pump and Matt went to go grab some beers while I chatted to the guys who lent me the pump who were mandorah locals. They gave me a beer and the guy hit on me but I think sometimes as a girl in Darwin you start to get jaded by the constant attention from men. Matt returned and we left to go pump the tyres up. As we neared the car there was a light pointing on it, I was freaking out that I hadn’t locked the car yet as we got closer we saw the quad was on its side. Suddenly it hit us that someone had had an accident so we shouted “are you ok is someone hurt?” and we hear this voice “no I’m not ok” and realise a man is lying pinned under his quad. Racing over I’m freaking out a little that I am not strong enough to get the quad off but matt feels it and realises its not that heavy. He whispered to me later that the guy probably could have got it off himself but was to drunk.

The guys story was that he swerved to miss my car which was not lit up on the darkened beach. Our story judging from the tyre tracks was that he was so drunk he thought the car was moving towards him and freaked out twisting his handlebars catching himself in the sand rolling the quad. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and I spoke sternly to him but he just abused me back. Then as he managed to get his quad started he rode off into the moonlight. I never saw him again.

The rest of the party involved me sitting in a chair smoking weed and talking shit. I’m sorry I can’t be more interesting but that’s really what I did. At one point I managed to get up and watch the absolutely epic sunrise. I drove home about 4pm Sunday skipping work for that evening.

All in all it was an awesome weekend J 

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