Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last snowboarding of 2008!

So New Years was good, a little earlier and "tamer" this year. We started the day off with some snowboarding up at Sunshine Village resort. It was my first time heading out without an instructor so I was a little nervous about the run and the chairlift. It was a really nice day only about -15 and I left my face mask at home...

Up on the mountain however it was pretty cold and snowing rapidly so my face was beaten down by the chilly wind. The worse part I guess was the chairlift which took about 15 minutes since it was the beginner lift and everyone kept falling off so they kept stopping the lift to clear the way. It was also pretty busy being NYE but the line moved quickly. I fell off the chair lift both times getting off but they werent bad falls and I managed to get away from the disembark point before falling over then they didnt have to stop the lift!

Snowboarding was awesome, we really only did a couple of runs and it was just on the green runs (which is basically beginner) I was working on my turns most of the time and that involved a lot of falling over. It wasnt the best beginner conditions with a large amount of fresh powder I kept catching my edges on. When it would get to steep and I was scared I just slid down on one edge, cheating but effective. I'm pretty happy with my progress going from nothing to almost a complete run in a month... granted I cant turn properly AT ALL but I can stop myself and control my board if need be.

After boarding we went home and relaxed for a bit before heading over to Kim (NZler front desk at Hidden Ridge) house and cooking dinner and drinking. Somewhere along the night I consumed a bottle of vodka. We went out to the streets about 11:45 to watch the firworks and it was PACKED with people... I didnt even hear the countdown suddenly a murmur went through the crowd and it was new years day!! The fireworks started going off and everyone was hugging and kissing. It was snowing heaps as well. I found Theresa super drunk on the other side of the road and then everyone dragged me home. Soon as I got back to Kims place I felt very tired and tried to go to sleep on the couch but brendan decided he was going to take me home so I think I was in bed by about ... 1pm?

New years day was spent with a rotten hangover!!!

Here is to 2009!!!

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