Thursday, August 27, 2009

Niagara Falls

My updating is sucking right now. Add me to facebook Ill be back on LJ in full force in November. Oh and ps I will be in NYC for a couple of days late october.

Niagara Falls

As luck would have it two of my friends from back home, home. (Darwin) were going to be in Niagara Falls about a 3 hour drive from me on the 16th & 17th of August. I hadn’t been to see the falls and hadn’t seen my mates in a year and a half since I’d missed them on my brief trip home so I was pretty stoked to be seeing them. Tuck I had known since I was in year 8 about 12 years

I set out from Minett, Muskoka about 1230pm which was early for our meeting time of 4:50 pm. It was a super hot day, which considering I’m from Darwin is saying something. My drive through to Toronto was fairly uneventful however when I hit Toronto it was right on the beginning of peak hour 3pm. I’m not the best free way driver although I am getting it slowly. I took the wrong exit and ended up stranded downtown toronto for a good hour. Not only was I crawling along slowly my car decided it would be a good time to over heat. I had to turn the air conditioner off to survive. Imagine 40C, no air and surrounded by cars. Not fun. At least I could still have my music pumping I don’t know what I would have done otherwise!

So after I made it out of that traffic jam I hit about four more on the way through Hamilton. Worst time to be driving. I actually was only 20 minutes late to pick up Sharon and Tuck from the train station but they were a good 2 hours late and I had to sit in the sweltering heat waiting for them. We went to our motel relaxed for a bit then I took them to the Keg Steakhouse for dinner. I liked the beer glasses they gave us for the Honey Brown Niagara falls brew so they ended up in my bag a little later in the night.

After the keg Sharon went to sleep and Tuck and I went out bar hunting. We walked miles and couldn’t find one bar so I asked some security guards and they pointed us to a bar. It was dead but we sat at the bar just talking and drinking a few more beer. We had Creemore, Moosehead and Rickards Red. I liked the moose head glass but ninjaering was difficult. I think the bartender liked us however she ended up giving it to me at the end of the night.

Tuck and I went on an ear plug finding mission because Im a light sleeper and he snores but all we found some hot dogs from 711 and a Tim Hortons where I introduced him to Iced Capps and cheap donuts.

Tuck snored so loud all night that I barely slept. The next morning we got moving at 11am and went to see the falls and catch the maid of the mist into the spray. The falls were amazing. We had a great spot on the boat and it was so cool how close we got to the falls. Its really hard to describe them you really just need to go see for yourself.
That night was another drunken night. I even got cut off by a server she said I could walk out on the street and be hit by a car! LOL. Well I probably deserved it. We gave her a bad tip hehehe.

The drive home I stopped through Hamilton and saw Theresa one of my mates from Banff. She was there for a wedding so we talked for about an hour and then I left and drove all the way back to Muskoka. Work was a bit of a drag because I was so tired.

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