Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who needs sleep, well your never gonna get it.

Crazy couple of days... I was working, and it was a busy night. I finished at 2am only to end up joining a fracs party. I was originally going to drive to the key and pick up the russian (Anton) but I was pissed off and I was tired and I wanted to drink.

I should have driven to the key and gone to bed. The situation got out of control and I went back to one of the cottages. I didn't sleep, I have issues sleeping unless I'm in a controlled environment. Life is so amazing and different here that I just really want to hold on to everything and its causing problems with my sleeping habit.

I got a ride by boat back in the morning and had enough time to run home and change for work. I spent all day working on no sleep and consumed 1 iced coffee, one normal coffee and a can of monster energy drink. I managed to spill a beer on a customer but he was pretty cool about everything and said not to worry but I felt so bad I just gave him a free beer.

After work I should have gone home to bed but went and hung out at the gate house instead. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes on the couch listening to one of the guys playing mario, then I was woken up by Kristian/Rabbit (a kitchen guy) who thought I was supposed to be working. He let me sleep in his bed for a couple of hours. Apparently I dozed off for another half and hour but I was soon up and out again hanging out with the guys. We were sitting around talking for ages before I finally decided to call it a midnight. I went down to the bar to check out the open mic night and was practically falling asleep on the spot. Finally decided to leave around 12:30am home and watched lost. Which by the way is a really fucked up show >< So crashed out about 2am. Slept solid through till 2pm.

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