Wednesday, August 12, 2009


No Drugs, No alcohol. Underworld rocked MY world. Epic Fucking Night.
Its been 10 years since Underworld had graced Canadian soil and I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. They are one of my favourite Electronic groups of ALL time.

My date for the concert fell through and I found myself going solo, fine. I wasn’t going to miss it because I was alone. Its kind of funny though if I was with someone I may have missed out on meeting an awesome group of guys that totally helped me close my amazing night.

The drive there 2.5 hours with traffic, the wait in the line. I met a guy from Detroit who was also running solo and we hung out for the first few hours, he was a bit of a downer though.. didn’t dance, do drugs or drink. He was asking me what kind of movies I liked and I was way to pumped for his conversation. He was following me everywhere so I didn’t really talk to many other people.

When Underworld came on I kind of lost him, I pushed myself into the crowd and ended up right at the front of the stage to the right. I was literally five feet away from underworld, I could smell the sweat on thier brows (and the thousands of other sweaty people surrounding me) I danced so hard, I didnt have time to talk or to meet anyone I just danced. It was unreal, I haven’t danced that hard in so long.
When it finished I was pumped I made it outside and just stood there calming myself down wondering if I should talk to someone. I was so wired and just wanted to share my experience with someone who understood it like me.

I ended up walking to my car and decided I was wired enough to drive the 2.5 hours home. As I stood there with my key in my door I couldn’t help but think, I drove all this way and didn’t even meet anyone except some weird guy from detroit. Two guys were standing at thier car about 5 metres away. I remembered my promise to myself to meet more people on my travels and locked my car and walked over to the guys.
Me “Can I ask you a favour”
They looked at me “what?”
“Well I came out to this concert on my own and I was so busy dancing I didn’t meet anyone, I was hoping you would let me take my picture with you so I could pretend that I actually made some friends”

They obliged, I still didn’t know thier names. They were waiting for a couple of friends who had decided to get stoned by some wave thing in toronto instead of coming to the concert. We talked and they invited me to get a beer with them. I followed ..the rest is history. We met thier two other friends at the bar.They were all awesome, all around my age and so much fun. We sat at the bar having a few beers and they invited me to Tiesto and Coechella??? Some huge music festival in California in April.They apparently go every year rent out a huge mansion and just party for 3 days.

As the bar closed at 2am we walked back to our cars and had a dance party in the car park. I ended up saying good bye at 3am and drove myself out of toronto to a service centre there I put down my back seat and tried to sleep for a couple of hours. It wasn’t really happening so I jumped into tim hortons bought a coffee and then drove the two hours back singing my heart out. I made it home just before 7am and went to sleep, happy & content.

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