Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eureka, California

Heather came and picked me up in the morning the car was all packed which was a nice surprise. We were driving the Oregon coastline and stopping for the night in Eureka, CA. We misinterpreted the time however the coast was gorgeous but the drive took us over 10 hours and we didn’t arrive to Eureka till 11pm.

So we were couch surfing again. The guy was at a party one of his friends birthdays. It seems kind of weird that we would be crashing it but everyone seemed pretty laid back and there was so much weed floating around – welcome to California! Since we had been driving all day we ended up passing out on the couches before our host finally took us home around 3am. The next day we woke up bright and early (11am haha) and I made pancakes for everyone. There was another couchsurfer Rand from Washington there and he put maple syrup and peanut butter on his... I had a taste and was pretty unimpressed. Around 1pm we decided to actually do something and headed up to Fern Valley about a 40 minute drive in Redwoods National park. It was a bit of a miserable day constantly drizzling rain. We started the hike and missed the Fern Valley turn off so ended up walking along the coast and found this cool waterfall which I recognised from being on another hike about 1km off track. There was another hiking coming down from where we were heading and he said it was all flooded and pointless to keep going so we turned around. We found the Fern Canyon sign apparently we had somehow walked right around it..there was no real track but you just walk through a canyon and we were climbing over trees and crossing rivers. Turned out Heathers shoes weren't waterproof Rand gave her a few piggyback rides.

By the time we finished the hike we were soaking wet and it was getting late. We headed out of park and made it to the coast just in time to watch the sunset which turned out to be pretty amazing. I think we got back to the house about 9pm and Rand cooked us Poutine.

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