Tuesday, April 13, 2010

San Fran & San Jose

So San Jose was the next stop with a side trip to San Francisco. I was following my GPS and unfortunately there were road works.. so making a detour I got lost and ended up down this really bad road which added about 2 hours and a lot of annoyance to my trip. We got to San Fran in the afternoon and stopped by the pier tourist trap. We took a boat cruise around the harbour to check out Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge. After lunch and a little bit of souvenir shopping we took a drive up to Lombard road which was the worlds most crooked road and took some videos & pictures. Then I had to stop by the house from the TV show Full House. (if you haven't heard of it then don't bother) We found out sometime around now that both my brake lights weren't working... We were staying in San Jose at my friend Karen's place who I had known since I was pretty young in Darwin she had married an American and moved to California. They cooked us dinner and we chatted about random stuff before crashing out around 11pm.

The next day we got up early had Weetbix for breakfast and then headed out to Karen's workplace her Zoo. She showed us around a bit introducing us to a few of the animals and then we said our goodbyes. We stopped by the Australia store and picked up a ton of Tim-Tams and some burger rings for the road. I am seriously craving Australian food more then ever. We went to the Google head office just because. Actually it was around Google I was pulled over and a cop asked me if I was aware my brake lights were out. Of course I lied and said no and asked is there somewhere nearby I can get this fixed. He asked us how we were funding our road trip HAHA well you could smell a whole lot of weed coming out of our car which didn't help... He let us go anyway with a warning and we got on the road to Las Vegas. We made it to Las Vegas pretty late and I had a hard time making it to our hotel the directions were really unclear. We were staying at Circus Circus. I accidently went up the wrong way on a road and had to turn around only to hit a curb. Poor Jeepy.

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