Thursday, January 20, 2011

Couchsurfing Blogs

I randomly found this blog whilst surfing the net the other day. Yea I'm a Couchsurfing addict and I tend to enjoy reading other blogs. This guy just seems to complain a lot however.

Take a look at his first entry.

And this particular section
A lot of the hosts have not done much couchsurfing or none at all, so they don't undertand that when the couchsurfer gets to their place they will most likely be tired,hungry,and cold. Some inconsiderate hosts will tell you there is a restaurant downtown or two blocks from there. I consider that very thoughtless, but as I said, you don't really want to eat their food anyway, the only exception to this would be when you first get to their place, some thoughtful hosts will understand that you are hungry and tired and some will cook you a meal! I suggest you always carry some snack or grab a bite before you get to your host's place.After they cook you a meal though,stay away from the kitchen and their food.

I wrote him a comment which he has since deleted LOL. Basically I said he sounds like a douche & if you were staying in a hostel not only would you be paying but you would be expected to buy your own food so here you are getting a free bed and you are complaining that your host is so inconsiderate not to predict you meal habits?

So after deleting my comment because he obviously can't take criticism he then goes on to comment about my comment in his blog.

I had some mindless host reply to this blog upset because I describe the couchsurfing experience as less than perfect. She said if I got a free bed, I shouldn't complain. These are exactly the type of hosts you want to avoid, people who think that since you are getting a bed you are getting a good deal no matter what type of other degradation they put you through. If you are a couchsurfer without dignity who is just happy to get a free bed, this blog is not for you

I surfed for two years before I was a host I know exactly how to act and EXPECTING anything from surfer OR host other than the sleeping arrangements described in their profile is unacceptable. You should never expect to be fed, being told where the resturants are when you arrive is a nice thing to do so that you don't go hungry. Showing up and getting upset that you've had a long flight and your host doesn't feed you geezus.

Anyway I pity the person who hosts this guy and others like him.

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