Thursday, January 13, 2011

they can't all be awesome

Did you ever have a surfer that just rubbed you the wrong way yet never did anything wrong enough for you to give a negative reference? Happened to me a few times but just recently I had a surfer through the doors who by the end of his stay with us had my family so annoyed I actually had to tell him he had to leave. This particular surfer did nothing his entire week of staying with us except look over our shoulders at whatever we were doing, watch movies, sit on his computer and sleep.

I gave him a printout of how to get to the bus station as I was working full time and he still couldn’t find it. The bus stop is about a five minute walk from my place and you only turn one street! And he took a lot more then he gave. Sure we offered it but still there needs to be a certain time when you just say “hey these people are giving me a bed for free why don’t I do something for them” he drank all my sisters OJ and never replaced it. Ate all my mum’s candy. He also ate all my sisters cereal and when she got mad and said something to him he said “oh sorry ill replace it” and never did. On the last day he cooked us a pasta dish which probably cost no more the $10. And the next day, his last day at my house he ate his pasta and then left, leaving his dirty dish sitting on the sink. We gave him some food to eat left behind by another surfer and when he moved on he asked “can I take this food?”

I figured we were just being neurotic but received an email from a girl he met in Indonesia who thought it funny we had met the same guy. She was requesting to surf my couch.

WOWW worlds is very small sometime, u meet same person I met in Bali my home, I just see the reff from him at your profile.
Sometime he is abit complaining and compare (his hometown) and other country ( actually I dont like that ) but he is ok I met him and make trip couple time in Bali before I left to my trip in Aust.
WOW .....

So nice to know it wasn’t just us he rubbed slightly wrong. Still not enough to give a negative reference anyway. I mean would you? I wouldn’t host him again, to be honest he was a little boring and thought quite highly of himself. But im sure he would get along fine with other people. And I can only blame myself for offering him a lot.

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