Monday, January 31, 2011

My German weekend in melbourne

With flights no more than $200 return, Melbourne was looking like a good way to spend the weekend. Darwin had just hit its 50th day straight of rain and to be honest I was starting to feel wet right through to my bones.
One of my original surfers Ilona a talkative german girl with an addiction to texting was now living in Melbourne and I was looking forward to catching up with her since we had become pretty good friends over her short stint in my home town. So now is the story of Host turns surfer and she picked me up Friday afternoon to take her back to her place and my home for the next two days.

We started quickly downing six $3.00 champagnes at Charlies between 6:30pm & 8:30pm where an old friend from Darwin Dan Horner & Alice another one of my ex surfers showed up to indulge with us. After finishing up our drinks we headed outside and found a lonely Austrian wandering the streets. Yes yet again another ex-surfer of mine. Ducking into a liquor store I was shocked to see prices at least $10 cheaper for a carton of beer. Why am I living in Darwin again? We grabbed some booze and headed back to Ilona’s after that things got a little blurry but there is some random video footage of the German and the Austrian acting out some strange dance.

Somehow I think around Midnight we made it out and headed to a bar Section 8 where I met up with Ciaran & Jaesper two irish folks, I worked with Ciaran in Canada for two ski seasons – he basically saw me learn to snowboard! (and laughed at me a lot)
Once again things got blurry and we ended up at my friend David’s club where he Djs hardstyle. I think I was the only one in the whole group who enjoyed hardstyle lol. Ilona puts on a brave face and actually danced.

Saturday we were all so tired we just hung out on St Kilda beach and chatted, then I met these two German guys and another german girl and we went out dancing again. Ilona came to, I kind of felt like I was in Little Germany!! They were all so nice and talked English around me though. It makes me wonder with the amount of German’s in Australia why don’t the major cities have little Germany? Honestly I love a good bratwurst!

So my “early” night turns into possum catching in the park at 4am. Not only did I fail to catch the possums but it meant I was only going to have about five hours of sleep before my big LOOONG day at Big Day Out which was the main reason I was in Melbourne!

Sunday was fucking hot, I was tired and a little hung-over. I couldn’t be bothered walking through the thousands of irritating teeny boppers to check out the bands. But there were a few that stood out. CSS a Brazilian rock band were surprisingly awesome, Crystal Castles also rocked. Special mentions goes to Deftones, Airbourne and Iggy & the Stooges. Gyroscope was not bad but my head needed something lighter… then cue Ramnstein who fucking killed! I was so pumped up listening and watching their show that when the highlight of my day Tool came on they just didn’t live up to my expectations. The lead singer decided he wasn’t showing himself for the festival because its “about the music” which seems pointless to me because if it was “about the music” I would put on the fucking CD and save myself $150.00. I think he was never even there they just played a tape…

So Ramnstein had me reliving my days as a 16yr old when I would reply Du Hast over and over again. I think the last time I listened to them was literally 10 years ago now, but I think I will check out their new stuff I have a new found love for the German weirdos… I just realised how fucking German my weekend was :D

I went back to Dan’s warehouse and was exhausted so passed out quite early about 1am. The next morning he brought me breakfast and then Dai Zaobob an amazing Japanese fire-dancer/performer and the man who created buugeng (which honestly that was the first time Id heard of them.) did a little private show for me. I was starting to think I could deal with the hippy lifestyle and decided to forgo my shower for the day just to prove it.

After my delayed flight home, stepping out into 80% humidity I failed and had a shower before bed.

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