Sunday, October 16, 2011

exploring the world without leaving Darwin.

I thought hosting was supposed to get a little quieter this time of the year but it seems I have more surfers then ever!

A canadian/american couple here right now till the 26th.
A young female vegan from Canada Tuesday morning.
German girl on the 26th
A zombie enthusiast guy from Spain on the 26th
A belgium girl who can't cook but is still awesome on the 27th
An IT nerd guy from Indonesia on the 29th
American couple who have been teaching in Korea end of November.
Two english boys bicycling around the world to raise money for cancer & MS end of November

Everytime I read a new profile and have the opportunity to meet these amazing, interesting people from the comfort of my own balcony it really inspires me. I am excited to learn an awesome vegan dish from the Canadian girl and talk about meditating with the Dalai Lama with Spainiard. Something that is up there on my bucket list.

Perhaps indonesia and I can talk general geekery whilst I probe him about the 17 day trek to Nepal. Discuss working in Korea with the americans and be inspired by the two english boys who rode their bikes through Russia & Iran - for charity.

Once again, cheers couchsurfing.

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