Sunday, October 23, 2011

I love Hosting but I am so sick of cleaning up after people.

There needs to be a change in my hosting techniques, im to easy going and I just let things flow. This is causing tension for me and my family. I looked at the bathroom and its disgusting, there has been four extra people all week in the house staying for free and using the facilities. That's about 10 showers a day.

I don't mind longer surfers but I really wish people would step up. Each day this week there are glasses left on the table which I sadly washed them all up. One guy who was renting cheaply off us for the last few months was supposed to clean the kitchen once a week and he scrubbed the stove once and that was it. Another guy had the task of toilet(seeing as most his time was spent on it) and he decided to wash the floor with toilet paper. What a waste of money and paper.

It really makes me miss those amazing surfers, The morgans from france, Morgane who cleaned the bathroom almost every day. Philipp who fixed everything and helped & payed all the time. Ilona from Germany who mopped & swept the house. Many more but those are the stand-outs.

Instead I have an guy who thinks the rules doesn't apply to him and when he knew I was waiting for the washing machine took the load out and put his in mere minutes before I went down. When I got mad he said "I have to work tomorrow" so do I, it was as simple as asking me. He used the shower when the rules clearly state that the household needs the shower weekday mornings. Yet this morning when I went to use it he was in there.

I have three people here for the last week which are lovely people, really nice. But the mess is driving me crazy. They leave their glasses around, they don't turn off fans & lights, they ate all my Jello shots and left the pan sitting on top of the fridge instead of washing it. Simple little things that after a while just drive me nuts. I wish I didn't have to ask.

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