Monday, October 10, 2011

Regressing in my old age.

It was my 30th a few weeks ago and I ended up with three German couchsurfers from my friend. They were super nice boys and I did ply them with loads of alcohol. As I lay passed out in my bed one of them, a 19 year old German guy decided he wanted to cuddle with me. "Can I share the bed with you" he whispered. And I mumbled a very drunked sure whatever. Closing my eyes to fall back in the beautiful slumber I was in. Here I was turning the big 3-0 and I had a 19 year old European wanting to share my bed. I *guess* I should have been happy about that! But as I get older consequences are more prevalent maybe the young Amanda in her 20s would have jumped at the chance but the newly responsible Amanda would rather just ignore her bed partner and sleep through the drunkiness. Although if I told you how long I had been celibate... just be aware I am not joining a nunnery *just* yet.

I also have a super strict don't get involved with couch surfers policy. Though as I have mentioned before it can get quite hard. Luckily for me this one was quite easy to avoid as a/ I was really to drunk and had no interest in him anyway. & b/ he decided throwing up all over my bed was awesome.

No it sucked, I ended up on the floor outside and he got a comfortable (though slightly wet & smelly) sleep on my bed.

Would you in this case give him a negative referance? I think its perfectly justified, if not only for the drunken advances I've seen people give negatives for less. Thing is, I've been that 19 year old kid throwing up everywhere having to be dragged home. Shit in 2010 I smoked to much weed after drinking all day and night, passed out in a bar toilet and had a couchsurfer drag me to my house. I honestly don't consider him a bad person and I hope the experience he learns from and perhaps slows down on the drinking. But hey he is 19 and I think if you host the younger generation often you need to be prepared to deal with the more stupid decisions. All we can do is guide them, if he had shown no remorse in the morning then I would have been inclined to mention it on his profile but he was over apologetic and even sent me emails later on apologising again. So yea, I think he learnt his lesson anyway.

So hopefully next time I get a good looking european in my bed I'm a little less drunk & he has a few more years under his belt!

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