Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Firstly I do have a write-up about my holiday but its pretty extensive & still unfinished.

I have been on the edge of precipice for quite a while. It began in Canada where vodka revs, beer o'clock & snowboarding seemed to go hand in hand and followed me to South America where cerveza cost a couple of bucks each than continued onto Australia as I dealt with the blues related to lack of travelling and immersed myself into the couch-hosting world.

I just got back from two weeks of brain-cell reduction. I wore my body to the ground, I crawled back to Darwin in a sickly haze.

Alcohol & Hosting is a hard thing to get away from. A couple of beers can make an awkward situation comfortable in minutes, people become relaxed, confident & interestng (lets not forget slightly better looking ;) ). To break the conversation barriers without alcohol is much more time consuming and best left to the experts.

So because of my over indulgence for the last few years I need to prove to myself that I am not an alcoholic since if I ever did find that out a large enjoyable part of my life would be gone forever. I love beer.

Welcome to Fast Feb.

Alcohol free february - also the shortest month of the year. My last attempt at an alcohol free month ended badly when my primary server crashed and I had to work overtime rebuilding email, dns, sql servers from scratch. ever since then it seems there has been one excuse after another to have a beer & the majority of the reasons involve evil couchsurfers. evil i tell you.

Just recantly I had an Australian & English guy stay with me they brought JAMES FUCKING SQUIRE pilsners & we had a BBQ & than WE ALL WENT OUT DANCING. I capslock so you can see what my will power was fighting against. Free beer, dancing & a BBQ??? I dont know how I did it but I did & I danced hard till 2am in the morning - all sober.

My final breaking point was nearly reached the day after. a beautiful warm Darwin Sunday afternoon we chilled on the balcony playing cards & board games. My hand was basically a homing device for a cool crisp beer.

But I refused her seductive ways.

I wonder if perhaps I need to not host for a while so I can actually beat this month.

I say that just as I get a CS request from a guy from Lithuania. A request that would be hard to refuse since I've never hosted anyone from Lithuania...

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