Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nerd by day snake whisperer by night

My superhero name could be The Slitherer...ssss

Yes super lame I know, if I was a super hero I would be called something awesome like... Super Awesome Chick!


So who remembers Snappy? The crazy carpet python I inherited off some horrible owners who decided my hand made an awesome pin cushion. Well its one of my mothers favourite stories to tell people now it seems it has given me a reputation as a snake whisperer as I got Snappy down to relative submission.

One of her students has gifted me with their 2 year old childrens python (same type as Dj) They dropped him round yesterday. I was a little surprised over the phone to hear that he was feeding on fuzzies as childrens hit maturity about 1.5 years and by then they are adult mice if not more. I mentioned it to the guy asking him how often he fed the snake, once every week is decant. The guy responded with "not that often"

When he dropped off the snake I was in shock, the snake looked like he was less than six months old. If snakes could be anorexic that snake was anorexic. It really made me sad that someone could get a pet like this and end up with it in such a condition. But being a cruel to snakes doesn't have the same effect as cruelty on dogs/cats. If I had my way dogs & cats would be banned from Australia anyway. Especially cats as they destroy so much native wildlife. And any cat owner who lets his cat outside should be penalised. My dislike of cats is really not relevant.

What seems to be worse is that the family are really nice people but ignorant. Its goes to show how you can be such a good person and still hurt something, so innocent.

I guess this post is a little emotional - sorry :) I guess I should be happy they came to me now the little guy goes from the slums to a palace! When I return him happy & healthy I will make sure if they are going to keep him that they look after him properly. Will keep you posted on his progress. Hopefully he is calmer than snappy and doesn't bite me as much :)

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