Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dancin' by Myself

So what does a self-confessed CS junky do when she has a four day weekend, no plans & an entire house to herself?

Why she accepts every CS request that comes her way and next thing you know there is a party going on the balcony of awesome.

Despite my addiction to the CS world I am also a gamer geek and often the two worlds intertwine forcing me to make the hard choices of being social over playing video games. This weekend could have gone that way and I guess there is a chance it still will. I've had a shockingly intense week at work which a bunch of issues well over my pay grade that I was forced to resolve on my own despite being uneducated on the situations. My superior has been away and I took on all the workload. This four day weekend is well deserved I tell you.

One of my incoming surfers is a polish guy who I accepted purely for the fact he was polish. I have hosted one other polish person and I love to host from different places around the world

So if you would have a little time to meet, or a small place for sleeping, would be nice. Im actually a newbie on CS, and because im still on moving (ex. visiting a new city first i walk at the day, and than wait till night - i love to take pictures at night and to enjoy some romantic places-like parks, if its possible :) ), and had no time to complete my profile.

So hilarious though that his request tells me he wants to go to a romantic park. I think its just bad english translation but whatever I still accepted him. Maybe we can go for a moonlight walk in the Botanic Gardens. I can look for some frogs and he can take photos of the moon. Now frog hunting is romantic to me! What if I ever said that in one of my couch requests.

Hi I love romantic frog hunting expeditions, I especially love catching snakes. The reptile kind...I know what you were thinking.

Romance is dead.

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