Saturday, April 7, 2012

just keep smiling..

On friday there was a peace rally for refugee rights in Darwin. Pretty stupid since being good friday everything was pretty much closed so we protested to like five people still it was kind of symbolic and the media was there video & article here you can see me at 00:30 in the video in a black and white striped shirt. It was broadcast across australia my sister text me from Sydney to inform me that she saw me on the news.

After the rally I headed down to Wickham point again for my second visit. The guards had decided to change the rules and we were to have one on one visits instead of the group that we had last time. but I guess something went wrong and we ended up with everybody not only that we got an extra half an hour visiting time. So there were a couple of new people I hadn't met and a few I had seen the week before. I am starting to get a hang of the names now and talking to them I get to hear their stories and really start to find out how much they have gone through to try and have a better life. As I find myself getting more involved with their stories I find my focus in life is drastically being affected and I just want to be able to do more.

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