Sunday, April 29, 2012

when the meaning of life isn't 42

I know I'm not stoned enough to really get into this right now the most pondered conversation in today's world. Yet lately my brain has been driven by a need to have some answers. When I was in Kuta I did as you do and partook in some extra curricular edible items. Needless to say I ended up lying in my hotel room listening to soft trance and asking the universe questions about global acceptance. I tried to explain to Dominik my thought patterns but he was more interested in conversing with some imaginary person instead of relating to me. Unfortunately I ended up in one of those horrible loops which can only be explained if you have experienced it yourself and never came to a conclusion, except of course that humanity was so flawed and I was so frustrated people wouldn't listen to me.

When reality returned to my brain so too did understanding that what makes humanity so unique and special is the underlying essence which creates those differences. But you can't change the world with one thought and you can't change the world with a stupid 20 minute exaggerated video. But you can help the world by opening your mind.

So speaking of global acceptance I was recantly offered a marriage proposal by a fairly devout muslim. One could wonder why a muslim would ask for my hand in marriage. I'm not exactly the poster model of muslim living if you know what I mean. I've got no issues with showing skin, I drink like I should be a construction worker, my idea of prayer involves asking the powers that be for the bartender to give me a free shot, I bloody LOVE bacon and to top it off I dont exactly believe in marriage! I've known this guy for only a few weeks and consider him a good friend. In the middle east only knowing a females name can create a lifelong partnership.
I let him know how I would drive him crazy due to my beliefs (or lack thereof) so he let me know that he would change me. We got on the subject of religion. I guess the english barrier saved me a little here because we couldn't get quite into the depth he required not knowing some of the words. He had a hard time understanding why I didn't care about the afterlife but I tried to explain to him that just because I don't pray to any particular god I live my life well. I know I am a good person and to think if I'm wrong and there is a god would he really keep me from heavens doors because I chose not to worship him?
To which my friend replies "no god loves everyone" so why do I need to pick a religion if god will love me anyway? There just seems to be too many rules and regulations in religion which impact on me enjoying the life I was given. In fact wouldn't you assume that if god did exist he would want you to appreciate the gift of life and not spend hours every day praying to him?

Now wouldn't it be slightly humourous if religion was definitely real and god did send all the non-believers to hell. So all those atheists are like.."well fuck me, burning for the rest of eternity perhaps I should have listened to that crazy homeless guy on the street telling me armageddon was nigh" And all us agnostics get to be in some kind of limbo where as long as there is still beer I really couldn't give a fuck because if alcohol is the work of the devil I think I would enjoy being a little closer to hell! Could you imagine seeing me skipping amongst the clouds playing my golden harp and dancing on rainbows.

No me either.

As far as acceptance though this guy has informed me that I am one of his best friends (ok ignore the fact he doesn't actually know anyone in australia) and enjoys talking to me. He still thinks I am a good person despite that I don't worship his god and I never will. And that is in the face of all the people that try to explain to me how muslims only accept other muslims. I get that whatever your religion is you wish that every else would follow you in it. Especially the people you love because your faith is so strong you believe that there is this afterlife and it would be catastrophic if people you admire & respect weren't in the afterlife with you. Yet we will remain friends and he has accepted me for who I am no matter what god I follow. If more people met muslims like him than perhaps the veils of ignorance could be lifted and the world could move closer to a perfect existance.

In the midst of our semi-debate he asked me if god is not real then who made me? To which I replied "I don't know" and retorted "who made god"

his answer?

"thats a secret only god knows"

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Your mum and dad made you :)