Wednesday, August 14, 2013

be my inspiration

One of my favourite things about travelers is how different each of them are. Each individual has their own stories and beliefs and sharing their insights and values makes me a better, more informed person. Last night I was hanging out with a friend of mine I had met through CS gatherings listening to him talk about his spiritual beliefs. He is so opposite to my own non-existent beliefs I was mesmerised by the words he spoke. I’m not converting but I’m always open to discussion about the world and how we are placed within it.

Now I am reminded of an old surfer, Leo.
Leo and I could talk for hours on life there was never anything romantic between us but I was so comfortable in his presence and so interested in what he had to say as a person that I was happy to spend every day with him. I haven’t talked to Leo for a really long time, maybe a year but I know if we are ever in the same country again we could go back to exactly where we were on my balcony in 2011. Smoking a joint and discussing life.

These people who grace my life with their presence are improving me as a human and evolving my personality to new dimensions. Awareness is a huge part of being a better person opening your eyes to the world and accepting the differences of each person. I know I’ve had this revelation before when I took mushrooms in Bali with Dominik.
I just hope I continue to meet people who inspire me to make the most and best of the life I was given.

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