Monday, August 12, 2013

on top of the world, or at least pretty close

Life is a series of moments captured in time in our mind. The time we have is finite so capture those moments like a snap shot to hold on to forever. 

I just had my third awesome weekend in a row. Also my third ‘technically I camped’ weekend in a row. What is it about sleeping outdoors that makes me so happy? My latest CS reference says I love nature & being in nature. I remember taking him on a night bush walk outside my house, we found some cool frogs and I fell in a stream, it was a good night. 

Darwin Festival is in full swing right now, its definitely worth visiting during this time of the year. I went to see Zombies in the Banyan Tree a TRAX production with my sister, mother & friend Diane. It’s a bit of a family tradition to see their show each year. This particular year started a little slow but the last half an hour was really awesome. TRAX is all local people usually younger but it can mixed and its focus is dancing. After the performance we followed the fairy lights to the after party and got lots of free food and alcohol. I spent the rest of the night chilling on a blanket in the dark shadows of foliage with a bottle of wine and my friend Aaron listening to You Am I who were playing in the amphitheatre at the botanical gardens.  I could have paid $60 and gone to see them live but this way was much more entertaining.

Saturday I headed to an undisclosed location for a rooftop curry night courtesy of my good friend Jon. Jon & I have known each for a long time we met each other working at the casino approx. 10 years ago. I was in a brief in between jobs phase snagging a dishwashing job to get by and he was the bartender. I only worked there for three months but we remained friends. I always remember a late night text he sent me something like “I just woke up parked on the driver school oval I don’t remember how I got here
Also we went fishing once at a bridge somewhere near Palmerston. We decided after an hour or so with no bites to pack it in. Pulling up the line we were shocked to see a huge fish gnawing on the line, we had no idea what the fish was but it had a huge beak and its skin flaked away in our hands. It was gross but we took it home anyway only to discover it was highly poisonous. Haha, oh what fishing virgins we used to be Jon!

Anyway the curry night involved a bunch of people making separate dishes and then all coming together on the rooftop to share, drink wine & talk. The company and atmosphere was astounding. The view was incredible 30 stories high you could see the whole of Darwin city and the sunset didn’t fail to impress. Coupled with incredible wine and food and you pretty much have the makings of an unforgettable night. So thanks Jon (and Celesthe), appreciate the effort. I got a little to drunk but I do that often with wine, I passed out in a corner of the roof at one point apparently there are plenty of photos.

And a highlight to boot I brought my tent camping 30 stories high waking up to a beautiful view. Being on top of Darwin, life can’t be so bad right?

Sunday was chilled I cleaned the house and cooked dinner, Thai Chicken & Galangal soup which was awesome – just sayin ;). Watched a movie with my surfers outside. Apparently Markus & Marlen have been devouring my movie collection I didn’t even ever notice them setting up the outdoor theatre but according to Marlen I am never home anyway, though with so many things to do and such a short window to do them in its no wonder I’m not sitting around at home.

Woke up this morning (Tuesday 13th August 2013) at 3am to catch the Perseid Meteor shower down at Lee Point Beach. A once a year event for the northern hemisphere but can still be viewed from Darwin. Sometimes being on top of the continent is useful! In fact we had the best view of the burning rocks in Australia. I met up with Luke another couchsurfer, his roommate Amanda(she has an awesome name), Another CS host in Darwin, Daniel & his two surfers I forget their names but they were European girls probably German. I lay out a blanket on the sand and we spent two hours watching the skies talking about all sorts of random things like controlling your dreams and the premise of feng shui.

Its been a full on few days but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every moment matters and every moment needs to be lived because you only have the one life (unless you believe in reincarnation but then you only have THIS life once) so you might as well make the best of what you are given.

Life is locomotion, if you’re not moving you’re not living. – The Flash

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