Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Favourite Surfer Ever!!

When a surfer leafs through my guestbook I can’t help but look over their shoulder, reading the words of the hundreds of people who have graced my presence.

“that german girl was all set to kill the mice I couldn’t kill but then took one look at them and announced them too cute for death…”

Äh yea that guy he came to Litchfield with us one day and just read a book the entire time”

“Those two boys were awesome they brought me that frying pan to make my pancakes!”

“Gosh that Spanish guy and his friends they just looked like the biggest hippies but they were the nicest friendliest people I’ve met. Me and the German guy went down the waterslide and because he was so big I went flying skidding on the concrete.”

“He is my favourite surfer ever”

“She is my favourite surfer ever!”

“They are my favourite surfers ever”


I can tell you something about every single one of my surfers, something unique, something special, something that reminds me how that person touched my life. Maybe we aren’t going to be best friends and skype every week or send each other Christmas cards but each one of them added some value to me knowing them. Even the not so positive experiences taught me something.

So I’m saying goodbye to two of my favourite surfers ever, I know I say that phrase far too often but about 85% of my surfers ARE my favourite surfers ever. This world just has so many GOOD people and they all seem to be coming my way constantly. There is almost too many good people I can’t keep up with them all. I wish I could host them all.

Mike & Sarah an American couple that deserve all the best kind of karma.  I wish them the best, I really do. I hope they have lots of children because any children raised by them are bound to be spectacular human beings and lets not kid the world can never have too many awesome people in it. 

Sarah, MIke & I

Now Luke is on the first page of my guestbook one of my original surfers way back in 2010. We met through Matthias a german guy who sent me a couch request. I couldn’t host because I already had 10+ people but I invited them to a party at my house. They crashed that night giving me my ultimate record of 17 couchsurfers and then the next night we and half my current surfers went to a bush rave out in Mandorah. Was an epic night with some of the best people I have ever met.

A week later I ran into them Matthias, Luke & their friend Jack at a nightclub outing to discover they were camping behind Macdonalds in the bush. A spot had opened up and I offered them my garden, things continued and they ended up living with us for about two months in total. Those two months were awesome everyone was working and in between we partied, camped and snake hunted. Trees were pulled down, stories were told and food was cooked. They watched the stream of surfers enter and leave and we had my first couch-surfing family.

 When they left it was a sad day but every traveller needs to move on at some point and I only hope to see them again in the future, just like I hope to see Mike & Sarah in the future. 

And Luke came back to me. He just left again on Thursday but he returned to Darwin with his girlfriend & cousin in tow for an epic long weekend. It was fate the road to Surprise Creek opened that day since we had had so many adventures there back in 2010. We went out camping with a bunch of other awesome people a mix of couch surfers & locals and just had an all-round EPIC weekend.

Surprise Creek Camping Trip 2010

Surprise Creek Camping Trip 2013

Luke & I 2010

Luke & I 2013

Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again after a moment or lifetime is certain for those who are friends.

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