Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Come out and Play

Popular? A friend of mine and fellow couchsurfer Rob from Utah (no not a Mormon) was visiting Banff. Considering how much has been given to me by gracious hosts I definately wanted to return the favour. I have such a passion for making sure people get the best of thier holidays. Because of couchsurfing my experiances everywhere were so positive. It didn't matter that I was all by myself because everywhere I went there was someone there happy to see me, even though they hadn't met me yet!

Anyway I picked Rob and his friend Claire (scottish) up from Calgary on Sunday. I didn't really have much time to spend with them because I had to work at 3. Monday was my day off bright and early I woke them up for a pancake breakfast before getting them on the road to Lake Louise Ski Resort. The snow was not the best, no new snow in a week and we are in the middle of a chinook. Yesterday was +7 in Banff! Anyway we wanted to make the most of it. Heather was doing a lesson there as well. I was feeling pretty lazy and with the snow a little rocky didn't push it to hard but relaxed most the day. It was a pretty epic day beautiful conditions

lake louise just visible in the distance

For the last run we managed to get Heather up the gondola and she was pretty happy with herself but for a beginner snowboarder its a long run and ends up taking about 45 minutes. She was hurting by the end. She has her heel slide pretty much down now just needs to switch it up to the toe. Definately one of the things I found hardest.

Heather relaxing just before a steep bit

At the end of the day we went out to Dinner at the Keg and then over to the Hidden Ridge for drinks & Hottub. It was pretty awesome, I got super drunk and passed out about 2am. I was then up at 7:30am cooked bacon and eggs for everyone. Had to go to work that night and just about passed out in exhaustion.

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