Sunday, January 24, 2010

Proving to the world I'm not an alcoholic

After my effort Monday where I had to be carried home by Dave & Claire I have given up alcohol, until Australia day. Harder said then done which makes me wonder if there is a little alcoholism in me? Or is it just because I choose to reside in banff... And it hasn't actually been a week yet and I want to go out with my mates and have a beer!

No. *insert awesome willpower here*

Been planning my future journey, laying the seeds as well. Trying to make as many contacts in Utah & Colorado as possible so I can work there next season. I feel a little guilty since my family sort of expects me to be home for christmas this year but chances are I will instead be ripping up Utah powder. I will be home end of June for at least three months earn some real money then head off again.

Well life is short right :)

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